Kippin it real

In the first of what may become many little insights into the things that I love, I introduce to you, Kippins. In fact, for many this may well not be an introduction at all, you’ve probably already heard about this trendy little tribe of comforters, one of whom is bound to become your babies bestie when welcomed into your home.

River KippinKitty Kippin Rory Kippin imageimage

Meet River, Kitty, Rory, Billie and new kid on the block, Dash Kippin, rounding out the tribe. Made from super lush organic cotton knit fabric, and eco friendly filling, their cheeky little faces are not only cute but also smooth and soft, no buttons or embroidery – perfect for your little one to nom nom on to their hearts content.   Might I also add… Machine washable. Yep. Every box ticked. So soft, so stylish. Every trendy little tyke needs one of these comforters to call their very own.

Kippins, in my humble opinion, will take over the world. At the very least, Billie Kippin may well be the next Prime Minister of our country. If I could get away with it, I’d carry River Kippin around in my own handbag and nuzzle into him for comfort in times of (increasingly frequent) public humiliation at the hands of my three year old twins. And I just might.

If all of that wasn’t enough already to make me swoon over Tribe Kippin, get a load of this… The creative genius behind this fantastic fivesome is an incredibly awesome Adelaide mum! I do so love local genius.

So do yourself a favour and bring some cool back to comfort for your little apprentice human being and head over to Kippins and check it out.  Oh, and watch this space, because this blogger has had her ear to the ground, and I’ve heard there are some new Kippins products headed our way and you better believe they’re likely to set your heart a flutter. 


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