InstagramAll the cool kids are doing it!

I know, I know… 6 followers! But hey, I never said I was the cool kid in the classroom. And we’re only new! From these humble beginnings we will reach world domination.

This blog has been a little idea in the back of my head for about 5 years now. And, like most of my genius ideas, it has stayed in the back of my head with absolutely no progress. Well, with the exception of a few light hearted conversations over the dinner table/coffee table/Facebook messenger, with my husband/friends/ex colleagues about how I really should start a blog. About 4 days ago I sent my husband an illuminating text message that said “I think I’ll start a blog”. His response? “OK”.

So it wasn’t quite the fanfare I anticipated. No squinty eyed emoji smiling encouragingly up at me. No fozzie fingered thumbs up or high fiving hands (that I must confess I mistook for praying hands until more recently in my illustrious emoji using career than I’d like to admit). But, to be fair, I’ve been saying I wanted to do this since before the dawn of time. Or at the very least since I resurfaced from the haze of the first year of having twins, in which time it was a miracle if I even managed to write a shopping list, let alone a blog.

But here we are, fresh and shiny new, straight out of the wrapping and ready to be used. Like I said, eenie meenie miney mum is only 4 days new,  if it was a baby we’d probably only be heading home from the hospital today. So be gentle, and join us. Follow on Instagram for up to the minute post updates and extra little slices of nice along the way.

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