Geek chic

IMG_1374This pretty little hipster doll is just the most, isn’t she?

I had this custom beauty handmade by super dreamy fashion designer Aline, when my little miss Meenie was 15 months old. High hopes, I had, that she would become her all time favourite, go-to, forever kind of friend. And there was a good part of my three year old self in there kind of wishing I was the doll.

Of course, what I know now that didn’t know then, was that my big eyed, little bitty pretty one was going to become a tree climbing, duplo building, train driving, worm picker uperer extraordinaire. I had some concerns that this precious doll of mine hers, was destined to be a dolly-come-dump-truck-driver.

Naturally, as soon as Meenie’s gaze happened upon little miss glasses, it was a little girl love affair. It’s lucky Aline makes these things to last because this particular pint size piece of pretty has to withstand a little girl hurricane of mud, trees, tractors and trucks, pretty much daily. She does get tucked sweetly into her own special position on Meenie’s bed every night after a hard days dirt though, because, well… Every girl needs her beauty rest.

A year and a half after she joined our family, she’s still as pretty as a picture, and knows quite a bit about planes trains and automobiles too. She’s one classy bird. Just like everything you’ll find at Bedros Designs, she was designed and handmade with finess and a whole lot of love. You’ve just got to check out Aline’s collection, she’s so deliciously creative and has just about the perfect possession for any every little princess…and even some for the princes too!


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