The rat pack 

Meet the fam bam

image image image

Part 2, section A 

Marky Mark (funky bunch not withstanding)

DIY daddy. Follicularly challenged; what he lacks in hair he makes up in heart. Wooden train track construction specialist, three meal masterchef. Eco warrior. Recycler of cans, bottles and other people’s jokes. Professional fire putter outerer and flame retardant.


Part 2, section B(eautiful), C(harming) and D(elightful) 


Aka: Henry, H-bomb

Sensitive soul disguised in the body of a little blonde boy bombshell. Future banana farmer and/or mr squiggle revivalist. Loves trains unless he doesn’t. Frequently “inkitated” (whatever that means). Pants optional.



Aka: Tilly, Tilly bean, Boss-lady

Madam sassy pants. Collector of lovely things and special specials. Free spirited terror in a tutu. World record holder for longest time taken to chew and swallow half a grain of rice. Confidently makes big life decisions for all mankind, such as “Princesses do wear shorts”.



Aka: Rosie, Rosie-buddy, Wowsie, The Bud

Eat. Sleep. Play. Poo. Repeat.


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