Things I love: the winter vapour balm edition

IMG_1413Hands up who loves organics? Well, obviously. Both hands up here too. And perhaps a foot. Organics for kidlets? Double win! Tick, tick. Enthusiastic clapping. Etcetera.

We’ve been struck down by the dreaded lurg here at camp eenie meenies. Yes, the regular household background noise of a train choo chooing, has been replaced by a whole lot of achoo-ing. It’s just altogether too much chooing (and not enough chewing, just quietly) for one family. Not ideal. One sick child is bad enough, but two sick children, one sick baby and a sick mummy is like the seventh circle of hell. We could be accused of running a child labour ring at a snot factory. You get the idea. This not so innocent little cold has hit us hard. For weeks, I tell you.

Enter Little Innoscents winter blues vapour balm. A natural rub for your little persons chest (neck, feet…slather it on), and pretty fantabulous for big people too might I add! Do we love this stuff? Abso-toot-ly! Australian made. 100% natural. Certified organic. Safe for babies. Packed with oodles of sweet smelling goodies like shea butter, beeswax (and I do so love bees), peppermint and lemon essential oils, as well as a whole load of other lovelies to lavish on your little. Safe to say it ticks all the (tissue) boxes. Doesn’t burn your nasal hairs right out of your nose like Vicks other vapour rubs, but packs enough punch to soothe the discomforts of the coughs and congestion that come hand in hand with being under the weather. I simply had to share this delicious find of mine, because it’s just so much nicer and more soothing than the alternative. Gentle, but effective, for both the big and littles in the family!

Little Innoscents also have a hefty handful of other products for little bubbies bottoms, skin and bodies; all natural and free from nasty petrochemicals. Can’t ask for more than that.

Oh, and as a special treat and for our local Adelaide eenie meenie miney mum readers, you will receive 20% discount this week if you order Little Innoscents winter blues vapour balm from The Good Box Organics, by using the coupon code eeniemeeniemineymum. So for goodness sake, get on it!

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