I spy with my little eye

IMG_1475…something that begins with amazing!

Welcome to the the first installment of “I spy”, our new fortnightly feature of something I spy with my little eye that tickles my fancy! No rules, just fabulousness.

So. Today something pretty this way comes!

imageMeet our first ever “I spy” mummy in focus, Melbourne girl, Rowena T.

And as if that isn’t enough prettiness for one post…(she’s gorgeous, inside and out!)… Check out these amazing spaces Row has created for her two boys, Obi (3 years) and Lenny (10 months). PS Two coolest little boys names ever? I think yes.


IMG_1478 IMG_1479 IMG_1477


IMG_1476 IMG_1475 image

Row wanted to create warm, fun and fresh spaces for the whole family to enjoy. I’d say she succeeded!

“I usually find one piece I absolutely love”, she says “which becomes my inspiration for the rest of the room”. Spending a little extra on initial inspiration pieces, building on the design over time, working to a budget and a little DIY thrown in for good measure (handy husbands for the win!), has worked to create these super special spaces for her boys. Love love love! Did I say love? Love.

And because we’re mums, and we all know how busy life is, and how impossible it is to keep up with the trail of destruction our littles create within three minutes of waking up in the morning…here’s a picture of Row’s hallway where all the evidence of kid-life was thrown before these photos were taken 🙂


Because kids happen!!

If you spy something super fabulous that you want to share, or want to be considered for our “I spy” mummy in focus feature, please contact us. I won’t bite, promise!

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