I spy: inspiring spaces

imageSo it’s time again for I spy with my little eye… Our fortnightly feature of something awesome and/or amazing and/or inspiring! Let’s be honest, it’s usually all three! And it definitely is this week.


Meet Amanda V (and her husband Zep)! Mummy to two delicious boys.

Beautiful and talented. How irritating!

I discovered Amanda on Instagram @l_j_a_z_home and instantly loved her style. It’s pretty clear that everything Amanda touches turns to gorgeous.

Amanda is also lucky enough to possess something that should come standard issue with marriage, really. Enter handy hubby, stage right. Makes all things possible. Turns dreams to reality. Hammer. Drill. Sander. Bang bang. Chop chop. Etc etc. Amanda’s husband Zep is actually a cabinet maker (insert envy here) so the majority of their furniture is custom made. Amanda spies something she likes, and Zep whips it up. This is an arrangement a girl could get very used to.

So without further ado, let’s set aside some quiet time to ogle some of the lusciousness in Amanda’s house. Because pretty things are pretty.

Jaxon’s and Levi’s bedrooms and playroom

image  image

image  image

Other inspiring spaces to drool over…

image  image

image  image image

Can I just point out, that Zep custom made their stunning family dining table from the timber he put aside from the demolition of Amanda’s parents old car port??!!! I know. This is not what happens in our household when old timber gets put aside ‘just in case’. Shame! The aforementioned swoony dining table is one of Amanda’s favourite pieces, and is it any wonder? It seats ten, looks gorgeous, and the replica Eames chairs Amanda chose to complement the table, wipe clean. Best.chairs.ever.

Amanda has such a great eye for detail, and can visualise (a skill I, sadly, am not blessed with). In awesome news, most of her items for styling come from Kmart, Target and Freedom. Happy days! Amanda’s house is always buzzing with people, kids and power tools. And personally, I think those are just about the best kind of noises!

And, because this is mum life after all, here are just a couple of pictures of day to day mess….Because, kids happen and nobodies perfect. Although some people come pretty close *cough*Amanda*cough*

image  image

Thanks to Amanda for opening up her (bespoke) doors to let us see into her domain!

If you’d like to be considered for our next feature mum, and have something lovely to share, then don’t hesitate to contact us

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