Things I love: the baby milestone card edition

imageMy very best friend is having a baby in July! Excitement!

As best friend of someone expecting their first baby, with this, comes great responsibilities. Things like not sounding like a know-it-all, and trying to give good (but not pushy) advice. When it’s asked for. Not at every single solitary opportunity that arises. And of course, there’s the highly important issue of….A Gift!!! So very pertinent that the Gift needs a capital G. Capital G for Gift.

Let’s face it, people are given a lot of shit when their baby comes. Often it’s very well meaning shit, shit that might be incredibly useful to lots of people for short periods of time, but shit nonetheless. Thankfully, usually people get a smattering of good shit too, so this softens the blow of the useless shit piling up around the house that you don’t know what to do with until someone else announces their pregnancy and you can pile your shit (both good and bad) onto them!

So. I digress. A few months ago I came across a gift idea, that I happened to think was very very very good shit! So good, in fact, that I gave the gift to my bestie when she was 30 weeks pregnant so she had it from the very moment her little one arrived earthside. So good, that I bought a packet for my own baby even though she was already five months old at the time and I’d missed the opportunity to use parts of it for her already! Have I mentioned the words ‘so good’ yet? One more time just to be sure. So.good.

So enough with the faux suspense building. Just a glimpse of the picture and you’re swooning a little bit already, right? Thought so. In the unlikely event that you haven’t yet figured it out (especially considering the epic surprise ruining title of this post), the swank vision you see before you is a set of baby milestone cards. But not just any old baby milestone cards! Oh no. I’m hardly likely to give my best friend on God’s green earth anything short of the sheer excellence befitting our friendship. These cards have the most stunningly chic, watercolour painted illustrations that are cheeky and witty AND pretty… Three of my most favourite things! Frankly I’m a bit jealous of them. I’m not talking stock standard, crappy stick-on circles with dodgy Microsoft Word font emblazoned across the front. These are simply beautiful quality, colourful and oh so sweet, with illustrations that would look at home framed in your little ones nursery, if that’s your hearts desire.

imageThe sublimely divine and creative Jackie from Life is Peachy teamed up with supremely talented artist Jess Racklyeft to create these cards, and being a mum herself, of course Jackie thought of everything. They’re printed on luxuriously thick card with a matte coating to cut down on camera reflection and have rounded corners to protect little eyes. Per-fect. After snapping a shot with your baby and filling the card in with all the relevant deets applicable to your little junior human, you can store the cards in the keepsake box they come in, safe for years to come, display your favourites in your home (because they’re just that gorgeous), scrapbook them, put them in your baby album, share the photos with loved ones – they’re just so brilliantly versatile.

imageIn my humble opinion, these are a legit awesome baby shower gift for mums-to-be and I’ve been using them for my own littlest, even though I missed the first five months of milestones. It’s OK, I have loads of milestones still to capture, it’s a thirty two card set covering the first year of your babies most important happenings. Things like rolling, crawling, starting solids (as modelled by my beautiful baby Rosie), sleeping through the night (hallelujah – that one should probably be accompanied by a glass of champers for mum), teeth, sitting, swimming… You name it, Jackie thought of it!

imageAnd well, we all know I love a good deal. So, if you’re reading this and thinking “I really need to get some of those for such and such” (and let’s face it, if you’re expecting or know someone who is then you must be, because they’re awesome) then head over to Life is Peachy within the next two weeks, order a set and enter the discount code EENIE at the checkout to get $10 off your purchase! High fives!

Now I just need to think of something super fabulous to give my bestie upon the actual arrival of her newest family member, so if anyone has any ideas then contact me, because my good ideas quota is generally limited to one per year, and these milestone cards, well they were it!

image image

12 thoughts on “Things I love: the baby milestone card edition

  1. These are adorable! I keep finding all these things and ideas and wish I knew about them when my babies were babies! Well at least they make awesome presents x


  2. Thet certainly are cute! With my third baby girl only eight weeks old I’m very, very tempted!


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