Things I love: The Disney Pixar ‘Inside Out’ edition


I feel like the title of this post is overwhelmingly inaccurate as a representation of my true feelings about Disney Pixar’s latest release. Because I didn’t just love it…I really, really, really loved it. Yes that’s three “reallys” so you know I’m not playin’. I flat out want to smooch it, that’s how much I loved it. I’d marry it if I weren’t already spoken for and if it wouldn’t be so weird explaining to people at parties that my significant other was a Disney show reel tucked in my handbag.

Im not going to lie, I was just a little bit, as the French would say, le shitting myself, about taking my three year old twins to see this movie. Or any movie. Being trapped in a dark cinema with the human boy and girl child equivalent of two fragmentation land mines was giving me night sweats. But I reaaaaalllllllly wanted to see Inside Out, so I was prepared to make the sacrifice and use myself as a human shield if necessary.

And I’m so glad I did. The other people in the theatre perhaps less so, but meh… Details. I will however issue a blanket apology to my fellow movie goers who had to endure a hushed stream of urgent questioning from my son about why volcanoes have lava and why that lava is red, midway through the movie. Sorry.

Anyway, in short, if you have kids, go and see this movie. If you don’t have kids, go and see this movie. Catch my drift?

Heck, even if you do have kids but are too scared to endure the public humiliation of taking them to the cinema, then get a grandparent to watch them and take yourself on a date with Disney. You won’t regret it.

Choosing a favourite Disney movie is like choosing a favourite child; something you only admit to doing when you’re drunk. Ha ha. Reallynotreally. Seriously though, you can pinpoint elements of each one that you love, but choosing a favourite seems rude, unfair and frankly, next to impossible. But, as with your children, on some days… You just do have a favourite. And on this particular day, my favourite is Inside Out.

imageDisclaimer (proudly brought to you by ‘fear’ who is currently at the helm of my own control centre, transmitting down loud and clear the near tangible terror of people thinking my writing is rubbish): I’m not a movie critic. I’m notoriously crap at reviews, just ask my high school English teacher. But I feel compelled to force you to endure my bumbling attempt, based purely on how much I enjoyed Inside Out. I can’t have a legit “things I (really really really) love” feature this month and not include it. It just wouldn’t be right. 

imageInside Out tells the story of 11 year old Riley, from the perspective of the inner workings of her mind; her five primary emotions, joy, sadness, anger, fear and (my personal favourite) disgust. These five characters operate from the feelings factory within Riley’s head and are in charge of creating her core memories, which inform her integral personality traits, and control her reactions as she struggles to navigate life after moving to a new city. After a mishap in headquarters, Joy and Sadness are sucked into the recesses of Riley’s memory bank and thus begins their quest to restore Riley’s personality, traits of which are crumbling into the abyss of her inner psyche due to the conflicting emotions of the family relocation.

As a mum, there were particular aspects of the movie that really got to me. The decision to wear mascara was, as is usually the case, a big, fat black, streaky, smudgy mistake.image I mean, full disclosure, I’m kind of a crier, but parts of this movie were so beautifully poignant, that I audibly sobbed. Watching flashes of Riley’s core memories, represented by precious glowing pinballs, being formed during her early childhood as a result of the fun, life and love poured adoringly into her by her doting parents… Well let’s just say, insert heaving sobs here. And this was only five minutes into the movie. Don’t get me started on the slow disintegration of touching childhood memories as years go by and new memories are formed. WAHHHHHHHH. Crying face emoji.

imageI also must confess that I think I may just be spiritually connected to Disgust more than any Disney Pixar character before her. More than Ariel from The Little Mermaid even. Gasp! I know, right??? It seems impossible. But any chick that says “When I’m through, Riley will look so good, the other kids will look at their own outfits and barf”… Well let’s just say, she had me at “Ugh…hello”.

I really connected with the overriding message of the importance of feeling and expressing all of your emotions, and particularly the notion of embracing both joy and sadness as they work hand in hand within your life.

Did my kids understand all of the complexities of the emotional composition of a young girls brain? No they didn’t. But as with most Disney Pixar movies, it’s just as much for the adults as it is for the kids and it was so visually beautiful and fun that the kids were captivated.

imageAs an unexpected bonus, the movie also opened up some beautiful and engaged dialogue with my littles on the way home in the car about how our different emotions inform our actions and reactions. My son has since been identifying when my daughter is reacting with a firey headed anger in her head with hilarious accuracy. It’s not giving her the shits at ALL. I love it.

And just as a little insight into the Inside Out working in our own heads every day… I have to give a shout out to the little Joy and the little Sadness within my own feelings factory who both got an absolute work out during this movie. Thanks to Fear who had a hand in writing this review, and more particularly his valiant attempts at tying to convince me I’m shit at it. Disgust is working hard to remind me of the fact that I’m currently wearing a jumper that has baby vomit on the sleeve, and Anger briefly reared his firey head for a moment when my kids woke up from their sleep before I’d finished and tried to commandeer my iPad for the purposes of watching steam train videos on youtube.

So. Long and short of it? Inside Out? Loved it. Inside and out.

9 thoughts on “Things I love: The Disney Pixar ‘Inside Out’ edition

  1. You are a funny chick. I have so many questions though:
    1. Can you please marry the movie reel so I can tell everyone I know a weirdo that has actually done something really farking crazy!!
    2. Why do volcanoes have red lava?
    3. So who is your favourite child? Ehhh…just tell me when your drunk.
    4. So did you like the movie? 😉

    Funny post…and I will have to see this movie now. But only when it comes out on Foxtel. No way in hell I am taking my kid to the cinema! No way in hell.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol why thank you 😉 one tries ones best !!!

    Ok I’ll see what I can arrange re the marriage. I hope the movie doesn’t think it’s an afterthought now I’ve left it a couple of days. I wouldn’t want to hurt its feelings.

    The colour of the lava is directly proportionate to the heat. It’s orange at its hottest, then goes bright red, dark red, brown. I know. I’m amazing. Funny AND smart 😉

    See the movie!! It’s really lovely!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay for more female protagonists in kids movies! And you just reminded me that I should probably take my spawn to the movies now that it’s school holidays. Le sigh. I wish they were old enough for Far From the Madding Crowd…


  4. Love this review, really really really 😄 I too, sobbed like a baby during the movie while my toddler was too busy flashing the car in front of us with or high beams (I dare not brave the cinema so we went to the drive in and watched from the confinements of the car!) It was worth it. Love all your posts. Keep it up xx


  5. My love and I took the twelve year old to see it and we all loved it. We had a great conversation in the car afterwards talking about which ‘lead’ emotions we all operate from by default. Really great and lovely film.


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