Kids books are weird. And wonderful.

imageSo, tomorrow marks the start of 2015 children’s book week.

Yes, there it is. Documented evidence that, among my many, varied and occasionally questionable skills, I can google.

Because sometimes when you want to write about something in a timely fashion, the google Gods (Goodles?) proffer up the perfect segway; thanks Goodles. Love you longtime.

So. Books.

Kids ones.

I have a love/hate relationship with kids books because on the one hand they can be beautiful, poignant, touching even… and on the other they can be fucking creepy. Sometimes all at the one time. One of the most gorgeous and delightfully illustrated books I own also includes this cheery subject matter, ideal for impressionable brains on the cusp of bed time and sleeping through the night without having any nightmares whatsoever.


Cute, fluffy, self effacing, family-oriented little penguin that you have come to love and adore in the preceding 13 pages at risk of going down in blazing inferno. Mortal peril. Possibility of burning alive. Easy come easy go.

But let’s face it, children’s books really are the gateway to an abundance of unforeseen knowledge and wisdom.

They teach the whole family about historical events


And surprise us with important lessons in human anatomy where we least expect it


Not to mention vital education pertaining to general day to day survival techniques


And, this…


Because; life skillz, yo.

And then there’s appropriate use of tone. Let’s talk about that. No means no kiddies.

image image

But you know, just like in life, there are occasionally times when things just get a little bit weird.


Ok now that I’ve suitably creeped everybody out (if I didn’t succeed at doing that last week with the birth diagrams that nearly got me kicked out of antenatal class… you.are.welcome) since its children’s book week, I also want to talk about something related to the subject that also involves actual substance. Not my usual style, I know.

So. Serious face. Hands up who’s launched a publishing company lately?

Yeah. Me neither.

However, there is at least one person I know raising the roof right now. Suitably delicious, mum of two, Donna from the recently launched, Adelaide based publishing company, Peggy Jr is, oh you know, just nailing her own life and starting up companies and publishing books ‘n shiz. As you do. Also looks quite smashing in a pair of skinny jeans. Just sayin’. If there’s anything we love, it’s mums doing big things whilst rocking it out in a classic denim skinnies/converse sneaker combo.

Launched in March 2015, Peggy Jr (brain child of Donna and her creative genius hubby Brad) collaborated with delightfully Seussian author, P.J. Gill, to release their first title, Smorgaldy and Porgan, to the masses in their first month of operation.

P.J. Gill in fittingly hip and mysterious glasses, reading the first edition of Smorgaldy and Porgan

imageBest buds, Smorgaldy and Porgan travel the world in their bitchin’ yellow caravan, making friends and receiving gifts along the way that they, in turn, pass on to those who need them most (just quietly, re-gifting for the actual win). And the whole thing rhymes, because if there’s anything better than rhyming, it’s rhyming. Ok so it doesn’t really use the word bitchin’ to describe the caravan in case you were worried. I just added that bit in for fun because I am an actual gangsta. Word.

Children's books need more welding masks. Because I said so.
Children’s books need more welding masks. Because I said so.

The book has an overarching theme of generosity, kindness and giving to those in need (and you’ll be pleased to note there is no creepy bath time watching teddy bear in sight, nor a pictorial instruction of how one adequately snubs their cigarette). And one of the characters wears a welding mask for like three pages, which is pretty damn cool. I also want to give special mention to a mermaid wearing an Eskimo jacket, but you know…spoiler alert… I’ll let you discover the magic yourselves with your small humans.

Check out Peggy Jr for more titles from P.J. Gill, as well as extra Smorgaldy and Porgan goodies, because; accessories. Make sure to keep an eye on the Peggy Jr instagram while you’re at it; I have it on good authority that they will be running a killer giveaway to coincide with the 70th year of children’s book week.

Now… Back to cooking a delightful selection of treats for my tribe. Using this.


Because at least then we’ll all know why my cooking tastes like shit!

10 thoughts on “Kids books are weird. And wonderful.

  1. Haha! Trust you and your dirty sense of humour to find these books. I remember that Dick go up the tree book. Weird. The touch the cow NOW, and suck it lion images are too funny. Congrats to your friends too! Brave people.


  2. Love this post!! Thanks so much for featuring Smorgaldy and Porgan, we are stoked you guys love it! And we’ll keep in mind for more welding masks and funky coats on mermaids haha 😉


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