6 [dickhead] reasons to go on a family camping trip

img_6054If you’ve never played “let’s see who can be silent for the longest” then you’ve clearly never been on a road trip with your kids. I mean…if texting and driving is considered dangerous, I don’t even want to know what the fine would be for parenting and driving.

There’s nothing that refines your gross motor skills Continue reading

Grey Expectations: The Tale of two pubic hairs

Disclaimer: If you’re part of my family or friends or know me in real life in any capacity, see me at school drop off, might run into me randomly at the supermarket somehow, work with my husband or just generally think I look familiar and you may have met me once,  you should probably stop reading this post at this point because it contains more information about my nether regions than you probably need know about. Continue reading

Confessions from the preschool party circuit 

I’m not confessions.PNGprofessing to be an expert here. Truth be told, my twins only attended three birthday parties in their entire year of kindergarten [I’m blithely choosing to assume that’s because only three parties were held all year, rather than that they were only invited to three of many, because rose coloured glasses are so farshun this season]. These three parties Continue reading