The three kinds of baby weight that actually count

imageHaving been blessed with three children, twins followed by a singleton, the stubborn determination to lose leftover pregnancy kilos is not a foreign concept to me. It’s one I’ve grappled with, raged about, and at times tortured myself over, with every beleaguered step on my well worn treadmill.

But in the years and more recently Continue reading

7 legit toddler life struggles

IMG_1937– From the (master)mind of a toddler

Walking – aka modern day bait and switch   

Ok so you were right. I suppose I can see the merits of this walking thing. Take a few wobbly steps, bask in the glory of my own brilliance, graciously accept praise, cuddles Continue reading

An open letter to my (pregnant) best friend 

imageI mentioned recently that my best ever friend in the long, extensive and tumultuous world history of best friends, is expecting her first baby in July. I’m pretty excited because, frankly, we have a small gang to populate and it’s about time she started pulling her weight. Not to mention, the idea of having mini me’s and mini her’s running around together becoming mini us’s, is pretty all-time. Continue reading