My mid(30s) life crisis

img_8486So when most people think of a bloke having a mid life crisis, they probably think of a frosted tipped, post-Idol Andrew G going through some kind of spiritual metamorphosis on a snow covered mountaintop in Tibet and emerging from the other side as “Osher” [and we all subsequently googled “why did Continue reading

15 signs you’ve found your school mum BFF

image1.pngIf there’s anything I’m grateful for in life, it’s friends. And Nutella.

Mostly Nutella.

But as I’ve grown older [and older, and older] I’ve realised that different friends perform varying but equally vital functions in your life.

Some friends, Continue reading

Grey Expectations: The Tale of two pubic hairs

Disclaimer: If you’re part of my family or friends or know me in real life in any capacity, see me at school drop off, might run into me randomly at the supermarket somehow, work with my husband or just generally think I look familiar and you may have met me once,  you should probably stop reading this post at this point because it contains more information about my nether regions than you probably need know about. Continue reading