5 ways Mummy Pig is a better mother than me

Now I’m not one to try to compete with a fictional character. Except when I am…

In actual fact, some may argue that Mummy Pig isn’t only a better mother than I am; she’s also a better wife, a better woman, nay, all round human being.

Except… that she’s not. Continue reading

Confessions from the preschool party circuit 

I’m not confessions.PNGprofessing to be an expert here. Truth be told, my twins only attended three birthday parties in their entire year of kindergarten [I’m blithely choosing to assume that’s because only three parties were held all year, rather than that they were only invited to three of many, because rose coloured glasses are so farshun this season]. These three parties Continue reading

11 down to earth [lazy], accessible [easy] self-care techniques for [broke] mums [who like wine]

I have no words to describe the school holidays with my three children. I do, however, have a delightful selection of obscene gestures.

Being with my five year old twins and my two year old 24/7 during school holidays made it difficult for me to be the parent I had always imagined I’d be. In fact quite often during the holidays I felt the urge to just go out into an Continue reading