How to KonMari your IG feed: the life changing magic of unfollowing

title image.pngIn the interests of total transparency, I’ve only watched the first 15 minutes of a Marie Kondo episode on Netflix and to be honest, thinking about being inspired to clean up sounds, like… really tiring to me.

What I’ve deduced from the few minutes of watching what appears to be the most uptight person in the world ethereally thanking old underwear for serving their purpose, is that if I apply the Marie Kondo method to my life, I’d be standing pantsless in my empty home in a Hanson t-shirt from 1997, surrounded by every book I’ve ever owned. Continue reading

Grey Expectations: The Tale of two pubic hairs

Disclaimer: If you’re part of my family or friends or know me in real life in any capacity, see me at school drop off, might run into me randomly at the supermarket somehow, work with my husband or just generally think I look familiar and you may have met me once,  you should probably stop reading this post at this point because it contains more information about my nether regions than you probably need know about. Continue reading